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Expert Referral System (ERS)

The Most Efficient Way to Hire

RecruitiFi's ERS is a new type of hiring platform. It lets you leverage a crowd of experts, in a highly targeted and confidential manner, to hire more easily. With the platform you manage existing recruiting agencies while leveraging an elastic crowd of proven referral experts. With RecruitiFi's ERS recruiting software, these all become your "Experts" who help you quickly fill any open position with vetted, qualified talent.

Consolidate Vendors

Manage all referral hiring from one recruiting platform, with one set of terms and one payee.

Gain Control

Eliminate rogue agency spend, calculate exact hire efficiencies, and redirect soliciting agencies to be vetted and provide value.

Improve Visibility

Gain real-time, actionable data to improve results and drive efficiencies with internal and external recruiters.

Cut Costs

Lower average fees and reduce time-to-hire, resulting in compression of costs of up to 50%.


Gain control and capacity to hire top talent

The RecruitiFi ERS enables companies to efficiently and confidentially leverage a targeted pool of experts, including preferred vendors, recruiting agencies who contact your company, and the RecruitiFi crowd of experts, to quickly fill any open role in a controlled and cost effective manner.

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Earn more placement fees with exclusive requisitions

Leverage one platform with one set of terms for business development and collections. RecruitiFi provides you with JobCasts that closely match your expertise, maximizing the value of your network, increasing your velocity of placements and earning you more fees.

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Whether you're hiring or you're an independent recruiter looking to place top candidates, RecruitiFi can help! Learn how our recruiting software improves the speed and quality of the hiring process by connecting awesome employers with the perfect recruiters.

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