Gain visibility

In today’s on-demand world, communicating with candidates and agency recruiters can be overwhelming. You need to express your culture and hiring requirements to every agency, and then provide feedback in a timely manner. It’s a full-time job writing emails and making calls to keep your recruiters educated on your needs and your candidates educated on their status. And if you don’t, they’ll find a company who does. Candidate experience can mean everything these days. Shouldn’t your candidate experience be building your employment brand rather than sinking it?

With RecruitiFi, you can meet the on-demand hiring world head on. The process starts with a simple, yet comprehensive JobCast form that we have developed based on feedback from thousands of employers and recruiters. You can express your exact wants, needs, and corporate culture without having to communicate directly with all of your recruiters.


We further streamline the communication process by providing a simple channel for real-time feedback to recruiters. Update each candidate’s status online to notify their recruiters where they stand in the process. And your contact information is not released unless you choose to contact candidates or recruiters directly, so you only physically speak to whom you choose.

In seconds, you’ve eliminated emails, bypassed unnecessary cycles of communication, and provided a courteous and quick update to your recruiters.

Don’t lose top prospects because they’re tired of waiting for your company’s response to their application. Stop unnecessary conversations with recruiters that monopolize your time. Take control of your hiring communications through RecruitiFi.